What is Emotional Energy Clearing?

We are emotional beings. Our life experience is seen through the lens of our emotional history. As such, our ancestral brain has been hardwired to be triggered by emotions so that our past creates meaning and perception of the present, including our experiences and everyone with whom we interact. Sounds like a pattern is forming, no?

Emotions can actually become trapped in our body and build up throughout our lives. For want of an outlet, they can begin to sabotage our physical health. In many cases, emotional suffering can turn into real physical disease.

Emotional Energy Clearing is a cutting-edge process of accessing and releasing trapped emotions. The goal is to enable an experience of the feelings in the conscious mind without resistance or judgement. By experiencing an emotion completely, we can complete the cycle of toxic emotions, and release their hold on us.

How does Emotional Energy Clearing work?

We are like a supercomputer with faulty programming. Using the Chinese meridian system, we can bypass the shifty ego and its mind-games to pinpoint and release trapped emotions directly. By removing the disturbing programming, we allow our meridian system to more freely exhale toxic emotions and their attachments to our organs, glands and systems. We free our consciousness to engage more fully to all that life has to offer. We allow ourselves to experience real relief and healing from even the most complex and reticent physical and emotional hangups.

What you get

We bypass your limitations to access built-up, toxic emotions. For each major limitation that you present, we connect the area in the body with the emotion that is disturbing it. Once the connection is made, we let go of everything holding that emotion in place – our defense mechanisms, judgement, identification, etc.

This is the reverse order in which our bodies process experiences: activating the affected organ, gland, tissue, or system —-> examining the emotion trapped therein —-> identifying the experience that created the emotion. By reversing this process we open the path. By experiencing the emotions, we allow our body to finally let go of trapped emotions, freeing us to be fully present at all times, no matter what!

As you work through the emotions yourself at home, we will adapt the process and extend it to maximize your growth and self-discovery. “Ah ha” moments become commonplace as your resistance fades. It’s a remarkable process and a real joy to facilitate it with you.


1. Clarity of mind
2. Quietness of mind
3. More loving behavior
4. Wisdom
5. Depth and Insight
6. Completions of cycles
7. Newness/Freshness/ Child-like wonderment

Begin your transformative emotional clearing today

The benefits for catalyzing your own healthy relationship with your emotional body cannot be overstated. As I said, emotions are the core of human experience. All the love, joy and peace we are seeking is available within ourselves. It just needs to be released from the stranglehold of our emotion-based, self-limiting programs!

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